Our diffusers are made of PMMA

Opal: prevents LEDs from being seen and distributes the light more evenly, reducing brightness by up to 40%.

Glossy/ matt: dims the visibility of the LEDs and reduces the brightness by 15%.

Transparent: leaves LEDs visible and reduces brightness by only 5%.

Prismatic diffuser

Allows you to reduce the effect of glare and discomfort (UGR). It allows you to work longer without visual fatigue.


Opitcal diffuser

Several diffusion angles available. From 3° to 175°.


Asymmetric left or right, double asymmetric, wide beam angle.


Very high light transmission of about 92%, which is the most efficient on the market


Angle 30 °

Narrow angle, radiant lighting: to highlight a product in a window or to play a decorative role

Angle 60 °

Average angle used by most spots or lights for standard use

90° angle

Wide angle, allowing the light to be spread very widely, as in a ceiling light

Simple asymmetrical angle pattern

Wall Washer: Used to illuminate walls evenly.

It is found in museums, for example, to illuminate a painting or other wall elements.

Double asymmetrical angle pattern

Use the same type of lighting as the single Wall Washer, but in a double pattern, on both sides.

Here is the application example of these diffusion angles:


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