Tunable White

Tunable White offers you the possibility to dynamically adjust the colour temperature of white light.

The Adjustable White system with a colour temperature of 3000 to 6000 K at constant luminous flux. It recreates the light variations that the sun creates in your room throughout the day by gradually changing the lighting from cool to warm white. This makes you less tired and promotes a sense of well-being by matching the sun's cycle.

This technology can provide us with more visual comfort so that we can be more focused and productive, and it can help us balance the rhythm of the day.

Because of its benefits, this technology can be used in educational institutions, commercial spaces, offices, factories, hospitals, emergency services, as well as in special geographical locations or spaces with little natural light.

Adjustable White therefore applies the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which places people at the centre of lighting design. In addition to suitable reading and working conditions, HCL focuses primarily on the circadian rhythm that controls our body clock, among other things. As studies have shown, cool white light with a proportion of blue light has a stimulating and concentration-enhancing effect, while warm white light has a calming effect. Therefore, Adjustable White provides an environment that helps us naturally, just like daylight.

PCB LED Tunable White:

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