Management system:

We offer various LED lighting management systems.

Autonomous and programmable solutions that partially or fully control the lighting:

  •     management of switching on and off
  •     measurement of energy consumption
  •     time-based programming (hours)
  •     recording of user preferences (profiles)
  •     composition of scenarios (successive commands)

Specific lighting :

  • The light is regulated according to the available natural light, so that consumption can be reduced when natural light is already abundant.

You can change:

  •     the colour,
  •     the colour temperature (white light changes from warm to cold)
  •     the intensity.

Comfort and energy saving are compatible. Light is dynamic when its intensity or colour changes gradually. This leads to surprising effects that are very pleasant to observe.

The transmission modes of light management make use of the various technologies currently available:


The PIR sensor: lighting by detecting thermal movements. The sensor protrudes slightly from the light.


The RF detector: high-frequency detector that detects vibrations in the air. It is integrated into the light behind the diffuser and is therefore not visible.

The RF detector :

A motion detector with a corridor function with multiple settings and a replication system with an RF signal for all applications. It is ideal for stand-alone lighting applications.

Particularly suitable for lighting car parks, garages, corridors, industrial facilities or warehouses. Each light is equipped with an RF signal receiver and a transmitter for the replication function. Up to 64 luminaire groups can be programmed with the switches.

The maximum distance between individual lights is 25 metres. When a light detects a presence, it sends the information to all the lights in the same group. The signal travels through the fastest path so that all the lights in a group switch on, off or into standby mode together.

The very low microwave power < 0.5 W is safe for humans and animals.


The Active+ sensor:

  • An independent light control solution integrated into LED lights.
  • Fully automatic commissioning with intelligent learning function
  • Presence detection optimised for different situations
  • Compensation of luminous flux loss during LED lifetime (CLO)
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • No wiring: no programming, no configuration, no external control

Active+ Self-Configuring Lighting

Active+ is a self-contained, out-of-the-box solution consisting of an LED driver and "our most compact sensor" ever integrated into a light. Luminaires equipped with the Active+ solution are the ideal solution for renovation projects, but also for new offices, corridors, open areas or storage rooms.


Easy installation: A light with Active+ is as easy to install as a simple switch luminaire. Installation requires no control wiring, programming or configuration.


Self-learning function: Active+ needs 60 to 100 hours to learn its environment - the lighting conditions outside (daylight) and other lights nearby.


Intelligent energy saving: Compared to a simple light switch, Active+ offers additional functions - presence detection, use of daylight and flexible and convenient dimming.

PIR motion detector

Detection angle: 80

Nominal installation height 3 metres

Detection diameter 5 metres

Light sensor  



Energy saving is achieved when constant light and presence detection are activated. The initial lighting level is set to approximately 85-90% to avoid over-lighting by the new lights (CLO). This level is close to the nominal lighting level of the light and is maintained throughout the life of the LEDs, resulting in additional energy savings. The sensor fade-out time is so slow (3.5 minutes) that the reduction in light intensity is not visible to the eye.

- If the light is left alone, e.g. in a storage room, closet, copy room, etc., the light level is reduced to the minimum level and the light is switched off. The light is dimmed to the minimum level and switched off after 10 minutes.

- If the light is part of a luminaire group, e.g. in an open room or a shop, the lighting remains at the minimum level for more than one hour before it switches off. This is done to avoid disturbing other people in the work area and to create a safe and pleasant lighting atmosphere.

- If the area of the light is affected by additional outdoor light, e.g. near a window, energy savings are achieved by using the full dimming range: 25-100 %.


- If no additional light source influences the light, additional energy saving is hardly possible with constant light. The minimum light level is blocked at 80 %, which ensures stable and reliable operation of multiple sensors in close proximity (avoiding pumping effects).

Active+ smartphone app

Automatic control of each light depending on daylight.

The Active+ Mobile is an application for setting the parameters of the new Smart Lux Active+ solution. To use this application, you need a smartphone with Android 4.0 (or higher) that is compatible with the application and equipped with an LED flash.

With the optional Active+ Mobile App, the end user can easily change the light values of the individual lights if the automatic configuration needs to be refined.

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