Smart Lux, a good lighting, for a great experience !

Our company is specialised in LED lighting and its automated management systems.

Our products are on the top for innovation in Eco-Intelligent lighting solutions. We plan, design and build mass-produced items. We custom your project and we satisfy your special requests.

We are committed to serve you with passion thanks to our experience and Know-How. Our goal is to increase comfort with a light you can modulate and schedule so it can follow the bio-cycle. This human centred technology is meant to improve the user experience. It has a direct influence on someone’s feeling of well-being.

Among a wide range of light articles, you will find what fits to you at best prices.

Smart LUX belongs to Smart Multiservices SARL (Limited Risks Company) group

To protect the earth for new coming generations, we must decrease our ecological footprint. The LED technology reduces the energy consumption. It helps to decrease the polluting emissions.


The standard range

  • Downlight/Spot
  • Ceiling light
  • Wall lamp
  • Spot and railways
  • batten luminaires and LED profile
  • LED panel
  • LED Hublot
  • Light source
  • Channel/row lighting system
  • Freestanding luminaires
  • Design/Deco

Custom-made range

This range is meant for professionals who have particular wishes for large or small quantities.

In collaboration with you we bring to light the concept, we design and develop the prototype.

For example, we can it is possible to integrate a smoke detector, ventilation or a buzzer device into the light.


The efficient range

This range of lamp is meant for the client whose installation is getting old. We can easily reduce your energy consumption without changing a lot. For instance, the replacement of light sources with LED sources is easy and efficient.

cms-imgtube led + détecteurlamp led +détecteur

Automated management systems

Comfort, energy saving and dynamic lighting

Adapt your lighting to satisfy your needs and feel free when using the automated management system. On top of it you will save energy.


Automated and easy to fully or partially program lighting functions:

  • Ignition and power cut management   
  • Measure of the energy consumption
  • Time schedule management
  • Register modes or preferences in a user profile
  • Plan a scenario and you can record it (successive commands)


Special lighting:

  • The light will adjust to the existing natural light in the environment, which will decrease the consumption when natural light is bright.

You can modify:

  • The colour
  • With Tunable White technology, the white light can shift its colour’s temperature from hot to cold.
  • Intensity

Saving energy is compatible with comfort. The light is dynamic when you can tune the intensity and the colour. It is surprising and pleasant.

The transmission mode to manage the lighting uses several available technologies, as follows: